The Competition

The Pan-Cretan Olive Oil Competition is organized by the Region of Crete and the Agri-Food Partnership of the Region of Crete in collaboration with

  • Association of Olive-Growing Municipalities of Crete (SEDIK),
  • Exporters Association of Crete,
  • Association of Olive Oil Standardizers of Crete,
  • Cretan Olive Oil Network,
  • Organoleptic Laboratory of Crete ASR,
  • ELGO DIMITRA – Institute of Olive, Subtropical Plants and Vine,
  • Mediterranean Agricultural Institute of Chania

Supervisors and Tasting Panel

The coordinator of the competition is the panel supervisor of the Sensory Evaluation Laboratopry of Crete ASR Mrs. Eleftheria Germanaki,  a highly experienced taster and judge in  international competitions,

The competition panel Leaders will be:


Christopoulou Efi

Ms. CHRISTOPOULOU EFI, is a Chemist, EU expert. and of the International Olive Council, founder of organoleptic evaluation in Greece, with experience from 1982 until today.

The sample evaluation team is made up of trained tasters from all four prefectures of Crete, who are members of accredited panels  and have extensive experience as judges in Greek and international olive oil competitions.

The competition and the olive oil labels that will be awarded will be shown in recognized Greek and foreign media.

The participation of quality and bottled Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the competition results in:

The Highlighting and Promotion of the special quality characteristics of the Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Cretan varieties.

The Upgrade of the overall quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Crete by improving the know-how for the implementation of good practices in all stages of production and thought the consulting support for all participants.